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About my coloring pages of Timberline Lodge:
I was beginning a series of drawings capturing Timberline Lodge. This book started with an innocent question from my grandson, "Can I help you color those in?" The foundation drawings are very similar to a coloring book so I thought it would be easy enough to set him up with his own coloring pages to work on. When I showed my artist friends what I was working on they suggested I actually publish a coloring book. Here it is. By Bonny WagonerI made four trips up to the lodge specifically for this project. I stood in stairwells for hours drawing. Interestingly no one ever asked what I was doing there or why. I sketched in the main areas inside and out. I took hundreds of reference pictures to make sure I got the details right. I joined a coloring meetup in Portland to get feedback on the project - thank you colorers at the Sunnyside Library.

To say this project was fun for me would be an understatement. Now that it is done I've been asked what is my next project. My most favorite part of the lodge is the newels. Each one features a different animal. They are going to be next on my drawing board.

Timberline by Bonny Wagoner

To get the project off the ground I created a Kickstarter campaign.
Thank you so much to the supporters who made it possible are:

Pam Belcher
Dana Belisle
Carol Cookson
Patty Kadel
Thuy Nguyen
Dee Wagoner
Meg Wagoner

and my husband who gave me a weekend in the middle of the week
so I could stay in Timberline Lodge and work uninterupted.
It was the grandest experience.


Now available at:

Timberline Lodge Gift Shop on Mt Hood
W'East Lodge on Mt Hood
Timberline Store at the Portland International Airport, Terminal D
Fibers and Stiches, St. Helens, Oregon
Tea Time, St. Helens, Oregon

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