The art and illustrations of Bonny Wagoner
The art and illustrations of Bonny Wagoner
creating magic with watercolor and colored pencil


I have known my entire life I wanted to be a creative. I blur the lines of traditional art and illustration using a watercolor, pen and ink and colored pencil. Thank you for dropping by.

By Bonny Wagoner
The Color of Summer
11" x 20"

Urban sketching/plein air
I'm painting all over St. Helens, Oregon. The resulting pieces will be featured in an upcoming show - date and location to be announced soon.

The framing for this project is sponsored by the Columbia County Cultural Commission.


Individual postcards are available at:

Hagz Bagz:
400 Columbia Blvd, St Helens, OR 97051
(503) 397-1352

Heather's Alterations
2145 Columbia Blvd, St Helens, OR 97051
(503) 839-9112


Timberline coloring books and tour card:

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The Walking Tour of the Newels

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