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I've known my entire life I was a creative.
All of the materials I use in my work are archival quality.
By design my work is meant to last.

Weekly urban sketching outings

By Bonny Wagoner
Ye Old Grog Distillery
St. Helens, OR

The Columbia Arts Guild meets at the Columbia Learning Center every Thursday at 10:00am and then we head out in to the surrounding areas to draw/paint for a couple hours. Bring a folding chair and your drawing/painting supplies if you would like to join us. All skill levels are welcome.

By Bonny Wagoner
Astoria, OR

By Bonny Wagoner
Old Highway 30
By Bonny Wagoner
Columbia County Courthouse, OR

By Bonny Wagoner
Bailey Nurseries, Sauvies Island, OR

Visit my [blog] to see more of my sketching adventures taking me out in to gardens, greenhouses, backyards, along the river, in the forests, in the mountains, along the coast, downtown - really all over so it's more "sketching everywhere".

The Newels of Timberline Lodge

When I had finished a series of foundation graphite pencil drawings featuring Timberline Lodge my grandson asked me an innocent question, "Can I help you color those in?" His question inspired me to create a set of ink drawings for him to color. When my artist friends saw what I was doing they suggested I publish a coloring book.

Last year I published my first collection of drawings of Timberline Lodge. The second collection of drawings is now complete of just the newels of Timberline Lodge. The book is arranged in the order they appear walking from the ground floor up the stairs. I have to share if I said this project was fun, it would be an understatement. 

Click here for more about both of these projects...

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